The Third International Conference on the Dynamics of Differential Equations – Fundamentals and Developments – In Memory of Professor Jack K. Hale

Venue: Faculty of Science Hiroshima University (Higashi-Hiroshima Campus)
From March 14 to  March 18, 2018


This is the third of the International Conference dedicated to the memory of Professor Jack K. Hale. The first of the series of research conference was held at Georgia Institute of Technology in March 2013 andthe second one at CIRM-Luminy at Marseille in March 2016.

The themes of the conference comes mainly, but not restricted to, the research areas in which Professor Hale had contributed, such as, finite and infinite dimensional dynamical systems generated by ODEs, FDEs and PDEs. Fundamentals and recent developments of these research area will be presented by many excellent researchers world-wide who, in one way or another, had been influenced by Professor Hale mathematically and personally. However, this does not mean that topics covered in the conference are restricted only to the research areas mentioned above. There will be much more topics to be presented in the conference, for example, biological modeling, computational dynamical systems and numerics, ergodic theory, dynamics on networks and graphs, and so on.

ProfessorJack K. Hale

Overall plan of the Conference

March 13 (Tuesday), 10:00 – 19:00: On site registration at Conference venue

March 14 (Wednesday) Morning through March 18 (Sunday) Morning: Oral and poster presentations

March 16 (Friday) afternoon : Poster Session

March 18 (Sunday) afternoon: Excursion


All participants, invited speakers, poster presenters and general audience alike,
are asked to officially register through this web-site.

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